Thursday, April 20, 2006

Follow the rules...

The chaps and I prepare for an outing...

I dare say you have a man on Savile Row, don't you?

Have you rotated your wardrobe? It is that time of year...

Here are some helpful hints to speed you along your way:

Never sacrifice comfort for style.

The bottom of a man's jacket should line up with the knuckle of the thumb when the arm rests by his side.

One half-inch of a shirt collar should appear above the jacket collar.

A properly fitted vest should be long enough for its fifth button to cover the trouser waistband.

The trouser bottom should cover two-thirds of the wearer's shoe and be long enough to remain in contact with the shoe when walking.

A sock should match the trouser rather than the shoe.

A necktie should be pulled up into a collar so that it is tight enough to arch out slightly from the neck.

Bow ties that extend beyond the width of the wearer's face or collar make him appear to be gift-wrapped.

A cummerbund's folds always face up to hold the evening's theater tickets.

Do not let me see you in Mayfair breaking any of these rules...If you are beyond the pale, please do not approach me in public...I couldn't bear the humiliation of it all! Be prepared to be cut dead in Piccadilly...If you need my man's number, just ask...