Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Algernon Cecil

Algernon Cecil (pronounced 'Sissil')

"...Cecil’s insight was such that his
utterances were sometimes prophetic. As
long ago as 1925, for instance, he had
warned in his collected Catholic essays, A
Dreamer in Christendom, that liberalismsocialism
threatened society itself: “Let
parents part from one another when they
please, and children be advised to think
about religion as they like, and the
inheritance of property be identified with
theft and a whole civilization will be
presently put out, and that civilization one
that has served us well..."

Selected works of Algernon Cecil
Six Oxford Thinkers (1909)
Essays in Imitation (1910)
A Dreamer in Christendom (1925)
Facing the Facts in Foreign Policy (1941)
Metternich, 3rd edn (1947)
A House in Bryanston Square, 3rd ed
Queen Victoria and her Prime Ministers

Algernon Cecil: Writers of the Right