Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Bow Tie

I really cannot agree that the bow tie is "a Southern thing" in the USA...Just off the top, there is George Will, Tucker Carlson, Paul Simon (the Senator)...None of these men being of the South. Will and Simon being from the middle west and Carlson from San Francisco. Today bow ties are not seen as much, outside of formal wear, I think due to the fact that they are complicated to tie and they have to be measured to the wearer's collar size. In short, as with the proliferation of widespread slovenly dress, it is a matter of laziness. "Wearing what is comfortable" being a euphemism for "I'm much too lazy to take the time to dress properly."

I think today they allow one to be distinct, but I do not think they are confined to the South, unless one is thinking of Charleston...Anyone have other thoughts, reflections, etc.?