Thursday, August 31, 2006

News from Mayfair...

It is I, Basil Seal, with things swimming along as you can see...Anyway, I was over at bobgirrls trying to leave a snide comment or two and as her blog would not cooperate, and I could see nothing but funny footwear pictures (not into feet by the way) I began poking about and ran across a few sites of interest. That is of interest to me, not bobgirrl...

I have looked into Chasing Vincenzo before, a site dedicated to the Bistro lifestyle, and found it funny and witty and all that rot, but today I noticed a section entitled "A Legion of Well Dressed Men", well that would fly in Mayfair, so I signed up post haste, as it were. I just like the look and feel over there at Chasing's place, what with pictures of clothing that I actually wear and cigarette holders and monocles obviously purchased in Bond Street, and the post on "Blogacho" is a lark, as well as very true, please visit and leave your card.

One member of the Legion mentioned above is a Mr. Joke, who has the same thing, only different...His picture of himself in pinstripes, getting tight about Miami in a most debonair manner lured me in right away. He also has some fine posts about the same thing, only different, plus Wodehouse was mentioned which gets one an automatic spot on the blog roll thing-a-ma-jig...He also mentioned His Girl Friday and Trading Places...If I find he is a fan of Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, then he is the chap!

I have put them up on the link thingie over there for your convenience and pleasure.

All for now, pip, pip Cherrio!