Wednesday, August 2, 2006

V is for Vulgar

Vulgar: 3 a : of or relating to the common people : PLEBEIAN b : generally current : PUBLIC vulgar opinion of that time> c : of the usual, typical, or ordinary kind

As I am home alone this week, the rest of the family off to visit relations in Dallas and obtain a break from me I am sure, I have spent some of my spare bachelor time catching up on some film viewing. I just finished the film V for Vendetta, a film which upon its release caused somewhat of a kerfuffle in right wing circles. I, of course, enjoy the actor Agent Smith, with his perfect diction and enunciation and sans the fake American accent. Here he is V, that Shakespeare quoting amateur botanist cum demolition expert with a penchant for Guy Fawkes and Ginsu knifes which he uses to great effect as a one-man slice-o-matic when confronting the eeviiil men. By the way, I thought it a bold stroke on the part of the film makers with the Guy Fawkes bit, seeing that only 12 people in the United States know who he was...

The film, which was adapted from a comic book, a first in the film industry I believe, tells the story of a future England where, in order to provide a secure environment and better health care the government is taken over by an eeviill white man (John Hurt, sans cute alien baby) who heads a party with neo-Nazi attributes who use the patriarchal cross (a coincidence, I am sure) as a party symbol because someone already used the swastika. This party, strangely named the "Conservative Party" sets about the difficult task of removing (via death) everyone but whitey from the island in order to restore and preserve order. In this future we learn that the United States no longer exists and is embroiled in a civil war. This group is aided and abetted by the Christian (Roman Catholic) Church and eeviill pharmaceutical companies.

They not only cleanse the land of darkies (read Musselmen), they also grab homosexuals, drug addicts, chamber orchestras, talk show hosts (thank God), Shakespeare, Benny Hill and anyone caught out after dark or listening to Enya. But, like I said, this is all very subtle. For instance, the film allows that if the Conservative people ever took over the major media, they would use it for propaganda purposes, which may or may not be true, but since no one has ever used the media in this way I found this something of a stretch...I also thought it strange, what with the current stories in the media, that the eeviill Catholic Bishop liked to molest little girls and not little boys, well, there is no accounting for taste with Conservatives.

Anyway, I failed to see what all the fuss was about. There did seem to be some subtle lessons that the film makers want the viewing audience to take away from this film, and because you are all simple minded sheep and must be spoon fed, I thought I would outline these lessons for you here thus allowing you to mindlessly enjoy the explosions. Now these messages were very subtle and you would miss them, so read and memorize the list below and then enjoy the show:

Warning: You will be upset with the scene in which the eeviill white men kill Jeeves, better skip past this part.

A Guide for the simple minded:

Conservative white, Christian people and Americans = Nazi party, bad, EEVIILL

Liberal white, dark, Muslim, homosexual people = GOOD

Homosexuals = Very Good, especially lesbians, especially if they are good looking lesbians

Art and Literature - Conservatives hate and want to destroy this, Liberals love this and want to protect it.

Liberal good people quote Shakespeare - EEVIILL people quote the Bible

Catholic Church = EEVIILL

Conservatives do not like roses

Sense of humour - Conservatives no, Liberals yes

People who drink warm milk - Very EEVIILL

Conservatives = lies Liberals = truth

Jukebox = good Loud Speaker = bad

Even the most poorly educated liberal person can recite Shakespeare's canon verbatim, they just can't mention his name in public or teach him in school, seeing that he is a dead white male and all.

Military = bad, but you knew this already