Friday, April 21, 2006

Long Live the Queen!

"You there, dress that line, damn your eyes man, this is not fiddler's green! How can I depend on this sad lot to biff Jerry when needed?"

Happy Birthday to her Majesty the Queen, she is eighty years old today...Long live the Queen! The only real leader left on earth. I loved it when she took care of that little problem of the pseudo-American tart in Paris...("People's Princess" is just a nice way of saying "common tart")It only took one phone call to "M". Oh, and please your Majesty, outlive your hideous arse of a son...

By the way, I for one, always felt that Her Majesty, when young, was quite an attractive lady. She had an uncommon genteel figah...Quite fetching, if I may be so bold.