Wednesday, May 3, 2006

POB posting at the LB

The LlamaButchers discuss Aubrey/Maturin casting with Irish Elk...I personally could accept Crowe as Aubrey, if the facial scars had been added and the hair had been lighter, per the books. But I could not accept the handsome, 6ft 3in Paul Bettany as Maturin, who is described in detail as small and ugly, only around 1000 times in the A/M canon...Aubrey is also described as a large powerfully built man with blond hair. Maturin has sparse hair and wears a bob wig. Read the books Hollywood...Yes we each have our own vision of the characters, but in this case O'Brian does provide plenty of detail.

I would have chosen Brendan Gleeson as Aubrey and Tim Roth as Maturin...But that's just me...

Note: And I would like to add my congratulations to these fine gentleman for finally meeting with that Flash chap, Damn your eyes! I'm sure you're having a roaring good time!