Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hear! Hear!

Congratulations go out to Mr. Cusack upon his successfully completing his degree requirements at St. Andrews (Scotland). Although he eschewed Mr. Waugh's advice and took a 'Gentleman's Third', my hat is off to the lad...A Catholic Gentleman of the first water, Mr. Cusack traveled abroad to obtain an actual college degree, not one of the meaningless ones given away in the States. Jolly good show, old man...It wasn't the 'Triple First' of a C. S. Lewis, but what the hell, a man's got to relax some time, what? When asked what he did for his college (Hereford, Oxf), Waugh said that he 'drank for it', thus the Forth Class degree. (Read Mr. Cusack's post where he explains the degree system in the UK for the uninitiated).

Congratulations and Good Luck...