Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Modern Manners

"...Modern Britain, like America, is a brutal, violent place, where middle-class values and elitism stick in the throats of the slobs that lord it over us. Levelling down is the message. Down with Eton and Harrow, down with good manners, down with intelligence and good taste. England’s national pastime, as the Americans would call it, mirrors the state of the culture and society. C’est tout..."

"...Male tennis now bores me, as does Maria Sharapova, her Svengali father who looks like an ex-Soviet hitman, and those grunting Williams sisters who whine as much as they grunt. I root for Martina Hingis and Kim Clijsters, because they’re both cute, plump and feminine, and smile a lot. The rest are unwatchable and unbeddable, not that many female tennis players on the circuit are breaking down my doors in Cadogan Square..."

Taki's Top Drawer