Wednesday, June 21, 2006

'We're all going to get killed'!

Quartered Safe Out Here: A Recollection of the War in Burma
by George Macdonald Fraser

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"One of the great personal memoirs of the Second World War" (John Keegan) by the creator of the Flashman books.

"A Brilliantly entertaining read, with all the narrative power, gift for dialogue and surprising twists and turns that would be expected of flashman's creator...Fraser is unrivalled at the storyteller's essential crafts..." - Gary Mead, Financial Times

"This is a book as good as anything Fraser has written...decorated with the beautifully-observed dialogue of which he is a master...A moving and penetrating contribution to the literature of the Burma campaign" - Max Hastings, Daily Telegraph

"His new book deserves to reach out to an even larger audience...The sense of front-line danger is palpable and the smell of action is remarkable. His descriptions of the sudden violent actions are breathtaking. This is battle as it is done" - Melvyn Bragg, Evening Standard

"Fraser's is quite the most vividly realistic account of the sharp end of the war in Burma that i have read...If you have enjoyed Fraser's 'Flashman' books you will enjoy the racy, pacy, utterly authentic account of far away long ago soldiering" - John Mellors, London Magazine

"A great writer has raised a memorial to a lost generation" - John Colvin