Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Fourteen years ago today, the Countess von Knebel and I were married...She did it out of pity...I did not forget, the flowers, gifts, etc. will arrive today...I am safe, for now...A happy wife, is a happy life (And don't ever forget that!)

For you young Bertie Woosters out there, keep this in mind:

For her trousseau: "The society woman must have one or two velvet dresses which cannot cost less than $500 each. She must possess thousands of dollars worth of laces, in the shape of flounces, to loop up over the skirts of dresses... Walking dresses cost from $50 to $300; ball dresses are frequently imported from Paris at a cost of from $500 to $1,000... There must be traveling dresses in black silk, in pongee, in pique, that range in price from $75 to $175... Evening robes in Swiss muslin, robes in linen for the garden and croquet, dresses for horse races and yacht races, dresses for breakfast and for dinner, dresses for receptions and parties..."

It is not all bad though, the Bridal lingerie is included in the package...