Monday, August 7, 2006

Absolute Bastard...

"That the V&A should have run an exhibition on heroic image of Che Guevara, even though it has later been appropriated for laudable commercial uses is a disgrace. Decent people should boycott it. Cuban refugees in America were angry enough to try to get it closed down when it was shown at the Fowler Museum of Cultural History in Los Angeles. However, even though they are victims and refugees who have suffered, they are not defined as such by the politically correct minority, so they got nowhere.

Imagine by contrast the hypocritical fuss there would have been over an exhibition of official portraits of General Augusto José Ramón Pinochet Ugarte, the hero of the free world who overthrew the KGB supported Allende (an ex-Nazi), saved not only Chile but Latin America from Communism and with the Chicago Boys created the economic "miracle of Chile". Pinochet was responsible for far fewer deaths, mistreatments and infringements of human rights than those evil monsters Castro and Guevara who are feted by our left-wing media. Viva Pinochet!

Che Guevara was an absolute bastard. He lived the life of a murderous psychopath and died in an obscure ditch, shot by an insightful Cuban exile attached as a CIA adviser to the Bolivian armed forces. If only Lenin, Hitler and Osama bin Laden could have been disposed of in the same way at an early age..."