Thursday, August 10, 2006

Holiday Road

Off for a bit o'vacation in the Wagon Queen Family Truckster...Be back soon. In the mean time, visit these interesting folk:

Mr. and Mrs. P. dining with real linen napkins and using the correct flatware at all times

Mr. Cusack a younger, slimmer Waugh...

The Llam-o-nators be careful, they spit...

Girl with bobb, 4 martinis, without future ex-husband and with new kitchen in California

HQ of Mongers, Hatemongers that is...

Bad Boy and Boy Mulcaster

Banned in Boston
and elsewhere I'm sure...

Most Exalted Worshipful Grand Villain enthroned in the East

Meaning it to sting in Maryland

Large Irish quadruped trapped in wrong state

Or, just start clicking on all those link things to the right...I believe this is what the Llamas call "link-whoring", is this correct? I like it.