Wednesday, September 27, 2006

All that's candy is not dandy...

Mrs. P looks into "The Beau" via Miss King (one of my personal favourites), and tells us that she told us so...Though why she was teaching in a school for heretics, I have no idea...

"Back in the days when I was an Episcopalian Middle School teacher, my little charges would often ask me how to go about picking out boyfriend. As our parish had not yet completely caved to the you-can-fall-in-love-with-anyone-and-God-will-honor-you-big-time load of tosh posing as new Christian revelation, these were always young ladies asking me the question. The young gentlemen made a beeline to Mr. P for his wisdom on the female persuasion. Anyhoo, I would always issue the girls two standards while assuring them if they held to it, they would be happy women the rest of their lives:

1. Never date a boy who wears a smaller pants size than you.

2. Never date a boy who wears more make-up than you. And yes, hair products and moisturizer count as make-up.

After reading this, I've learned that my advice to my young ladies has stood the test of time and would have served the young ladies of Georgian England if I had been around back then:..."