Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Dressing like a retard isn't impressing anyone…

Via Rachel:

"Dressing like a retard isn't impressing anyoneThere was a post at 2 Blowhards contrasting the formality of dress for pre-Baby Boom generations vs. today. Because I despise the modern fashion for men to dress as if they are eleven years old, I made a few comments on behalf of people putting a tiny bit more effort into their appearances, which, BECAUSE THIS IS THE INTERNET and is run by and infested with nerds, prompted the typical nerd reply, or non-reply as it were because they can never get further than, "I like to dress like a small child" in defending their choice of apparel..."

"...Whereas the new business casual costume works to eliminate concepts of professionalism and mutual respect, the other component to this sartorial problem affects private character. Outside the business arena standards of attire have plummeted to what must be, barring some universal adoption of nightshirts and thonged underwear in all settings, the nadir of human apparel since the loin cloth..."

"...One cannot fail to notice that here too the slovenliness of his dress is the least of the contemporary male's behavioral issues. His appreciation of female sexuality seldom rises above sniggering at women's fake tits, his tastes in art and entertainment have not changed appreciably since he was a teenager (and they were bad then), and his consumption habits have turned him into a reverse portrait of Dorian Gray – somewhere there is a Polaraoid of him getting slimmer and more elegant..."

"...But his dress is the outward sign that you notice whether you know everything or nothing about him; it is, again, an indication of his concern over what anyone thinks about him. But why would anyone care what others think? For an American, this is tantamount to servility, allowing others to control or define how he sees himself. So, like a rebellious child, he is determined not to care, and to cling to a therapy-resistant inflated self-esteem as if this alone will soon vault him into the leadership caste where his judgements on cartoons and breast sizes will define society..."

Read the whole thing, I could'nt agree more...