Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Vote with your feet...

Mrs. P explains to Mr. Kimball why she, uh...got on the Path to Rome...You will never think of feet in a Biblical sense in the same way again...Speaking of stunned...My Dear Mrs. P, "wedding tackle"? Who have you been hanging about with?...In Mayfair you may say "genitalia" in mixed company, as long as you say it with a straight face...Easier said than done, I do say...

"...The female priest was a newly-minted one as well as a 60's era graduate of Katharine Hepburn's alma mater, Connecticut College. We were studying The Book of Ruth. Ruth, as you may recall, is both listening and following Naomi's advice to have a kinsman Boaz help them in their impoverished state. Naomi tells Ruth to go to the threshing floor and sleep at Boaz's feet. This is where the priestess popped out with "In seminary, I learned that when feet is mentioned in the bible it means [I'm sorry I do not know you well enough to type or say this word in your presence so please use your enormous brain to figure it out] g-------a." Or in nicer language, wedding tackle.

I was stunned. But since I had learned well at the feet of The New Criterion (pun intended), I asked if she was serious. She said "Yes." I said "So you are telling me that Naomi instructed Ruth to go and lay at the wedding tackle of Boaz?" She said "Yes." I recall saying something along the lines of "You mean God wants women to use sex to get what we need?" She said "Well, this falls under the catagory of doing what you need to." Again, more astonishment on my part. Now, being a woman there were tears welling up in my eyes by this point, as I thought this such an violation. I asked her what she thought St. Paul meant when when he said in the New Testament, "How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the Good News."

She ended class.

We became Catholics..."