Monday, January 15, 2007

The preperations of Basil...

Today I am busy at work on the details pertaining to the upcoming visit of Mrs. P and The Card's Wife...Though I enjoy teasing them, I look forward (no really) to their visit, and am so happy that they accepted my invitation to luncheon.

Well, first off I have washed my motor car and cleaned it's interior to perfection...In which I will motor to the aerodrome and fetch the ladies as they disembark...
The motor car

The Aerodrome (Lambert International)

Next I have set up a few flying stops that I think will be of interest to the ladies. You will notice that St. Louis is a very Catholic city:

The Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis (New Cathedral)

The Basilica of St. Louis, King of France (Old Cathedral)

The Lourdes Grotto, The National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows

I have reservations at my club in the visitors dining room and have requested a menu I believe the ladies will enjoy. Although there has been talk of oysters, one must realize that a city far removed from an ocean, is not the place to order an oyster. Somehow I think that the Mississippi River variety just won't do...

The Club


Au Gibier
Queue de Boeuf

Eperlans frits
Filets de Solves a la Genoesse

Chapon a la Toulouge
Selle de Mouton
Casserole a la Polonaise
Jambon aux epinards

Ris de Veau pique a la Duchesse
Perdrix aux choux aux truffes
Filets de Volaille supreme aux champignons
Cotelettes de Mouton a la soubise
Petits pates aux huitres


Truffes au vin de Madere
Artichaux a la l'Italienne
Gelee de Maraschino
Meringue a la Royale
Boudin de Nesselrode
Les Champignons croutade
Creme d'Ananas
Charlotte Russe
Boudin de Cabinet


This is to be accompanied by as many bottles of Veuve Clicquot that the ladies wish to drink...I think they will be pleased, and or, tight.

If time and or motor skills permit, we might stop at Plaza Frontenac to allow the ladies a little shopping pleasure...

Plaza Frontenac, home to Neiman, Saks, Talbots, etc.

Then back to the aerodrome to wave them off into the sunset, and back to Mr. P and The Card, hopefully still moving under their own power...

Until tomorrow then...