Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dover Street

This is Dover Street, Mayfair...That would be pronounced "Dovah" as in "Come on Dovah, move your bloomin' arse"...Here you will find the Drones Club, home to Bertie Wooster and his gang. The Arts Club is in this street as well. When in Dover Street you might see some of these gents:

The Two Classes of Gentlemen's Clubs

The gentlemens' clubs of London were a very important part of the genteel world of the twenties, and Wodehouse's satire of them is continuous and hilarious. While American club life tends to be business oriented, the British clubs are elegant clandestine establishments designed to serve as escapes form the responsibilities - and often the drabness - of their members' home lives. Wooster's club is The Drones, whose exclusively upper-class members are invariably shown in their beautifully furnished clubrooms jumping on sofas, playing catch with cricket balls, or throwing dinner rolls at one another. Jeeves' club is the Ganymede, whose equally exclusive membership is composed of butlers, valets, gentlemen's gentlemen, and other in the upper reached of London's servant class. The Ganymede clubrooms are as elegant as The Drones', but the behavior of the Ganymede members is impeccable. The club names themselves are a deft malicious touch. Drones, of course, are the stingless male bees that make no honey and live off the work of other bees. Ganymede, in classic mythology, is the cup-bearer to the gods.