Tuesday, April 25, 2006

You in 1905!

"Bertie the Bounder" Edward VII, The last British Monarch to give his name to an era.

Get a snapshot of your life as it might have been had you been living 101 years ago in 1905.

Just enter your gender and your fathers profession. 1905

Basil Seal: You are a landed man of leisure!

You'll be educated at home by a tutor until you're old enough to go to a major public school, the one your father and grandfather went to, followed by university at Oxford.

Career Prospects
You'll inherit the estate from your uncle. The agricultural depression means that farming is less lucrative and you'll adapt to the changing economy by taking up a couple of company directorships in the City of London. On your death, your son will inherit the estate.

Leisure Time
You'll be keen to observe all the social events of the summer season: every year you'll spend a week in the summer yachting at Cowes and will have a horse at Goodwood. In the winter you and your wife will travel to Biarritz, Cannes or Monte Carlo to relax and stay in hotels. You'll read the Morning Post which is delivered each day, and scour the pages for details of your own exploits.

Living Conditions
You'll live in a large house on the edge of a village which will have a staff of ten. At weekends you'll have friends to stay for shooting parties. From May to August you'll spend much time in your Georgian London house seeing friends and going to receptions, balls, concerts, garden-parties, dinners and dances. During the War the house will be taken over as an army headquarters.

Marital Relations
You'll be devoted to your wife but will enjoy spending time with other women when you're up in town, staying at your club. You'll have a particular eye for the pretty chorus girls who dance and sing at your favourite night spot.

World War One
You'll join the war effort as a Major and will narrowly escape death. On your return home your bravery at the Battle of the Somme in 1916 will be noted in the London Gazette. After convalescing in Switzerland you'll return home to live into old age.

Now you know why I'm old-school...