Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Buckets of Women

In relaying her meeting with Hans (any man who uses smiley faces is suspect) bobgirrl again shares her theory of male classification: The Bucket Theory, like so:

"...I think I may have met a new member of possibly bucket #1, quite likely bucket #2, and probably bucket #4. You remember the buckets, don'’t you? For those who are uninitiated and those just too lazy to follow the link, let me '’splain. You see, dear reader, it seems that all of the men I meet fall into one of four buckets:

    Bucket #1: Unhappily married (whether they know it or not)

    Bucket #2: Mentally unstable

    Bucket #3: Gay (whether they know it or not)

    Bucket #4: Some or all of the above..."

Now, I have done no research on this theory to establish it's validity, but bobgirrl is probably on to something here...But in all fairness I want to also list the buckets of women, in order to help out some of the poor chaps out there who may still be in the market, so to speak...So without further ado, here is the bucket theory as applied to women:

Bucket #1: Unhappily married (all of them, they know it, especially my wife)

Bucket #2: Mentally unstable (duh...She'll boil your rabbit...)

Bucket #3: Bisexual (You can spot the bull dykes, the problem is all the rest)

Bucket #4: Save yourself: Look into a montastary...

There you have it chaps, I certainly hope this helps...And bobgirrl, Hans is probably a Bucket #4, so tread warily my dear...