Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Basil Seal's Rules on Christmas Re-gifters

Of course, nothing says "I could care less about you" than the receipt of a "re-gift".

In today's post-Christian celebration of the Birth of Christ, it is common for one to be given, in the spirit of the season, a recycled gift. Now, this is the height of vulgarity...One might as well walk into the party and dip their cup in the punch bowl...Ahhh, dipping the cup, obviously a re-gifter to boot...

I find it astonishing that so many people lack the ability to give and receive gifts graciously. Where were the mothers of all these people? Have they stopped giving instructions on the proper giving and receiving of gifts, and the appropriate behaviour associated with same?

Of course, in country where "self-centered" is practically a religion, I am not in the least surprised by any of this, just disgusted.

We give gifts out of respect for others...It would be much better to give and receive nothing, than to recycle unwanted gifts and ungraciously receive gifts given in the proper spirit. Please keep in mind that Christmas is not about you, it is about Jesus Christ. Where is his gift?