Monday, February 12, 2007

Curzon Street

This is a door in Curzon Street, Mayfair...We all know whose door this is...The Junior Ganymede Club is also located in Curzon Street.

The Junior Ganymede is a club for "gentlemen's gentlemen", of which Reginald Jeeves is a member.

One of the club's rules states that its members are required to enter any embarrassing or compromising information about their employers into the Junior Ganymede Club Book, and it is a much-laughed-about fact among the members that the section entitled WOOSTER B is the largest, containing eleven pages. While the rule requires that members keep the information recorded in the book strictly confidential, Jeeves uses it on occasion to help his employer, most notably to discover the nature of Roderick Spode's business in The Code of the Woosters.

In Much Obliged, Jeeves, Bingley, a former valet of Bertie's friend Ginger Winship, steals the Club Book and threatens to sell it, endangering Winship's campaign for election to the House of Commons; however, Jeeves promptly recovers it by drugging Bingley's drink.