Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Retirement for Man About Mayfair

Sir Basil Seal, 14th Baronet of Beauchamp-Cholmondeley of St. Jennifer
(Pronounced Beechum - Chumley)

Man About Mayfair R.I.P.

Well, over my holiday I gave some thought to blogs and blogging in an effort to decide if I wanted to continue, or fade gracefully into retirement. A part of me enjoys the blog and has wonderful fun messing about with it, but another part, hovering in the back of my mind, finds it all so silly and childish...Of course, then I remember that I am silly and childish, so there you go...I also have been writing the blog, in fits and starts, for four or five years now, and if the truth be told, I'm running out of things to talk about, so I need to spread them out a bit more.

I have been working diligently to weed out the readers here, in order to get down to that very discriminating and elite few. I think that I have been somewhat successful, if those blog stats things mean anything. So, I wanted to let the elite know that although Man About Mayfair is being retired, Sir Basil will still be working full time for Mr. and Mrs. P over at PP. I just realized that that's a lot of Ps...Anyway you must all go there faithfully each day with high hopes of hearing from me, Sir Basil Seal. Mrs. P does such a wonderful job of running a blog, and because it bores me to tears to do so, I think it best to let her handle that end of it, and I will just try to come up with as much asinine drivel as I can, and be a complete and utter snob there, instead of here.

So this is really not goodbye, just a see you later somewhere else...Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and left rude comments. I am sure they were deserved. And don't forget to visit me at my new home, Patum Peperium...Visit daily, hourly, just make it your homepage. I will see you there. And address all rude comments to Mrs. P, she's used to it. Thank you.

Sir Basil Seal