Thursday, December 21, 2006

Basil Seal's Loathing of Christmas Lights...

I do not know about you, but I loath the perverted impulse to turn every street into the Vegas Strip each December. What is wrong with these people? And more importantly, what do strings of garishly colored lights have to do with the birth of Christ? I hate these lights, only the most vulgar of morons will spend hours upon hours of their spare time to make their house look like a strip club.

If you would like to tastefully place one candle in each window, fine, I can live with that. It looks nice, it is tastefully done...Less is more, as it were. But the great unwashed of America treat lights as they do food, more is more, and the more the merrier. Everything must be over done, over blown and made to look as gaudy as possible. Each holiday season the nation becomes one large trailer park, with Cousin Eddie there to lead us in the proverbial carols.

This is why I take joy in Ugly Christmas Lights...A wonderful website after my own heart. Please check it out and view the photos of your neighbours house. Please, enough with the ridiculous Christmas lights already...Have you people no shame?